Picking A TOpic

Anything goes here that you've been interested in learning more about or a problem you are currently working. We are always happy to give suggestions or tweak a title as well. 


Once you've selected a topic, we'll hand select and invite a few individuals who have expressed interest in the topic area that would be a great fit for your dinner through personal invites. We'll then open it up to the rest of the group as well. If there is anyone you'd like to invite just let us know and we can invite them. 

Getting organized: 

Location: The right environment is essential to Hygge atmosphere where we can open up and be authentic. We've found the dinners hosted in someone's kitchen over take-out are just as powerful as dinners in a cozy, quiet back room of your favorite restaurant. We've put together a few options but feel free to pick a favorite spot. 

Cozy Restaurants:
Foreign Cinema |  Mission | $60-75
Lers Ros Thai |  Hayes Valley |  $30 - 40
Terzo | Cow Hollow  | $45-50
Lolo cevicheria | Mission   | $30 - 40
Local SF | SOMA } $45- 50

Food/Home cooking services:


During DINNER: 

Be there early to greet everyone and introduce yourself to make them feel welcome, especially if it is their first dinner. 

Introductions: Once there is a critical mass of folks who have arrived, introduce yourself and how you’ve been involved with Hygge. Have each person introduce themselves with the following:

  • Name
  • What brought them to healthcare and Hygge
  • What is one challenge they are currently working on in the personal or professional world. 

Halfway through dinner: It is easy to get captured in rich conversations but try to remember to have every other person switch around seats to get a better feeling.

Photo: Ask someone coming to the dinner to be in charge of snapping photo of the group.

Splitting the bill: Hygge is a volunteer lead organization so to make it easy for our books we have the host take responsibility of splitting the bill. There are a few tools we suggest to make it easy with Venmo, paypale, cash.me, or cold hard cash. Download here and set up account. Give out your username to the group in the email reminder and the email after. 


Send thank you email - we've made it easy with a template here. An important factor is try to capture a few of the follow-up items like resources you talked about or follow-up items. 

Send Hygee follow-up note - Let us know how it went. Also, add  note any themes  or resources that you covered and any asks that came up from the group.