Hygge Health builds community and creates environments for members to give and gain freely amongst others invested in the changing landscape of health. Hygge Health strives to enrich the individual member, which in turn benefits and impacts a broader ecosystem for other women, companies, organizations, and industries.


Hygge Health is a select group of leaders and innovators who intuitively recognize the strength of women as captains of the health industry and respect the rules of engagement at this level. Our community is made of those willing to be generous with their time, knowledge, and network, and simultaneously vulnerable and authentic in communicating their needs.


The strength of our community is a direct reflection of our dedication to keep the conversations going through scheduled live exchanges centered on timely topics in health, well-being, and technology. To reinforce the values of our community we ask that all participate, from time to time, in live exchanges with a proactive and open mindset while being discreet and respectful of each other’s time, information, and ideas.


While the places we gather may physically change from time to time, it will always feel welcoming, relaxed, and revered. Wherever the location, the Hygge Health table is an intimate setting for revitalizing those who give so much on a daily basis.


Hygge Health is built upon a foundation of women motivated by engagement and change. Community success will come from the simple ritual of our gathering, incremental impact of connections made, promises kept, and ideas shared among this group over time.