reminder email TEMPLATE

I’m excited to see all at our hygee dinner _____ evening. We have an amazing group of women who all bring unique perspectives to share and we've included a list below. 

Location, Address, Date/ Time

All we ask is that once you step in the door, that you come to the table to be present and open-minded. By the end of the evening, we hope that you'll walk away feeling invigorated and nurtured to face your next challenges. 

[Depending on how you've decided to split] We’ll be splitting up the bill at the end so to make it easy, we’ll be using __[payment tool + give expectation on how to sign up].

If you cannot make it, please send an email to [EMAIL]  to let us know so we give your spot to someone on the waitlist.  If you have trouble finding us you can call my cell_______.
See you soon, 

Thank you email TEMPLATE

Thank you for participating in hygee dinner! We know how precious your time is and we We hope that you enjoyed connecting with each other and will continue to build on those relationships. Below I've highlighted a few resources mentioned and the list of attendees with email to ensure you can get in touch for follow-ups. 



Dinner cost: _____. Please send payment to _____.

I look forward to seeing you at the next event and hearing what comes of our connections and conversations last night.